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Pursuing the value just more than
mobile accessories

As the best partner for modern-day must-have mobile accessories for life in modern times, we will continue to reach consumers with products that pursue creative fashion look beyond the basic protection function.

Trustworthy company manufacturing products based on Customer Needs

Starting with the manufacturing of mobile phone accessories in 2003, We, ISK Corporation, have become a mobile accessory brand that reflects the needs of various consumers.

We, ISK Corporation, as a consumer-oriented company, launched own brands Editor in 2011 & Plafit in 2018, and are striving to manufacture creative and practical products, and continue to release high-quality products with ISK identity to provide affordable products to consumers.

  • 2018 10 Participation in Global Sources Mobile Electronics Exhibition in 2018 Hong Kong
  • 2018 05 Launched a new own brand ‘Plafit’
  • 2017 02 Set up a Joint Venture with Guangxi Diary Factory in China
  • 2016 08 Set up a Joint Venture with Guangzhou Hungli Diary Factory in China
  • 2015 03 Established the China branch office / Established China branch
  • 2014 12 Established the Ulsan branch office and Gyeongnam branch office in Korea
  • 2014 07 Established the Gyeongsang branch office in Korea
  • 2013 05 Established the Chungcheong, Jinju, and Gumi branch offices in Korea.
  • 2012 02 Opened Internet B2C Shopping Mall, Cunnstory.com (www.cunnstory.com)
  • 2012 01 Signed the design license agreement with 리락쿠마, 노른자여행, and 아서
  • 2011 11 Introduced thermal transfer printing machine
  • 2011 10 Established the ISK Corporation. M&A of Charger OEM Production Plant. Set up the Manufacturing Assembly Line for the own brand charger product.
  • 2009 12 Opened an online business division for Gmarket and Auction Made the business agreement with the leather case manufacturing company in Shenzhen, China. Started Production of leather cases for smartphones and tablet PC as OEM
  • 2008 08 Opened an online business division
  • 2008 05 Established the Innosystem Busan branch office
  • 2003 04 Established the Inno System as a manufacturer for mobile phone cases and accessories.

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